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Welcome back, Arrow Squad! We’re discussing Season 3 Episode 19 “Broken Arrow” in this week’s installment of the podcast. From eye-burning Felicity/Ray moments, to shadow-boxing Oliver, to a prison-killing fake out, we talk about it all! There are four episodes of Arrow left in season 3, and we have a feeling these are the ones we’ve been waiting ALL season for.

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Stop Calling It A Team-Up
This reluctant team-up produces some very interesting results. It was awkward, and a little sad, but I ended up really enjoying the drama that resulted from it. For example, Felicity’s relationship-isms (i.e. “I could kiss you right now”) were appropriately awkward, but at the end, when Ray sees Felicity interact with Oliver and has that, “Huh”, look on his face, it helps him connect the dots over why Felicity didn’t return the lowercase-L “I Love You”.

So Ray is waking up to the fact that Felicity is in love with Oliver, but Felicity is almost able to admit it herself! When she goes after Oliver to stop him from breaking Roy out, she has to stop herself.

It’s not as difficult to be the one in the relationship as it is to be the one watching the relationship, and I’m talking about from Oliver’s point of view, not Diggle’s. One of the things I’ve grown to respect about Oliver, but also something I don’t think he’s developed until the last year or two, is his ability to compartmentalize. It can’t be easy watching the woman you love fawn over another dude, but he keeps his head on, stays focused, and doesn’t react to the things Felicity says to Ray.

The villain of the week was Jake Simmons, a.k.a. “Deathbolt”, portrayed by the incredibly awesome character-actor Doug Jones. For the first time in awhile, I had to question what the purpose of this villain’s power was. At the beginning of the episode, when he attacks the guard, his heat-vision type power actually lifted the man off the ground.

So I went to the Googles. Please – if you have corrections for me, or if I’ve misunderstood something, hit me up in the comments below. This was investigative for the purpose of understanding the villain. The power is called electrokinesis, in which he can absorb, harness, and redirect energy. It seems a lot like the powers of Cyclops, from X-Men, and I remember wondering what Scott Summers’ role ever really was. But that might be because I never watched the movies very closely.

Doesn’t it always seem like villains obtain powers that almost guarantee an inability to function normally in the real world?

Doug Jones is known for many movies (Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy), but he’s also portrayed the Volm commander Cochise on Falling Skies for the last couple seasons. During season 4’s run, Darrell and I interviewed Doug. If you’d like to listen to the interview, please check it out here.

Question of the Week!
Ra’s whispered this into Thea’s ear: Protect me from your punishment on the day your servants are resurrected.

What did he mean by this? What implications does it have on Thea surviving? Let us know by visiting our feedback page, posting in our Facebook group, or leaving a comment below!

Every week we are amazed and impressed by the insights and theories of the members of the Arrow Squad community! We welcome everyone to send in reactions to anything Arrow related, regardless of when the thought occurs! We listen and read everything, but we will include only the most relevant listener feedback on the next episode. To have yours included on the podcast, please submit feedback by 8/7C on Thursdays following a new episode. Visit our feedback page to upload an audio file, record a SpeakPipe message, or write in feedback.

There are four episodes of Arrow season 3 remaining! Next week is episode 20 and is entitled “The Fallen”.

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