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Wednesday April 8, 2015 will be a very sad day when 8/7c comes and goes without a new episode of Arrow. The CW is taking a week break for its shows and resuming next week, April 15, 2015, with the first of a five week run into the finale. But just because Arrow is taking a week off doesn’t mean Arrow Squad needs to! In the shortest episode of Arrow Squad ever, The Shadow lays down what exactly we intend to do with our bye-week.

This week we want to hear from YOU! We realize that there is not a lot of time between a new Arrow episode and the time in which we record our podcast (just over 24 hours), so this is an opportunity to chime in without that pressure of time. We want to hear your crazy, crack-pot theories, we want to hear your bleeding Olicity hearts. We want to know what has made this season awesome for you, and what has made it terrible.

Our normal channels of communication are open as always:

  • Visit our Feedback page to write us an email, record a Speakpipe voicemail, or upload an audio file (.mp3, .mp4, or .wav).
  • Call our voicemail: (304) 837 – 2278
  • Tweeeeeet us! (@ArrowSquadGSM)

We would like to play as many audio submissions as possible. If you choose to send in an audio clip, please try to keep it under 90 seconds! We will listen and read everything that comes in, so whatever the length, it will be read or listened to, but if it’s too long we might not have the opportunity to play it.

Thank you in advance! We cannot wait to hear from you!

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