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The slow build coming off the winter hiatus has not been in vain! Season 3 episode 18, entitled “Public Enemy”, brought the heart-racing, heart-wrenching, action-drama we have come to love from Arrow. At its heart, Arrow presents very real characters dealing with very raw situations in a slightly unorthodox fashion. While the goings-on in Starling City might not be as far-fetched as those going on in Central City, the show still centers around three masked vigilantes running around in leather.

The truth is, we all wear masks. We all conceal our identities in some ways to avoid embarrassment or to avoid hardships, the degree to which this is done varies greatly, but it certainly doesn’t require a mask to do it. Captain Lance wears his pride as a mask, we might say. Going back to season one when he was drinking heavily and being a jerk all the time, his vice was the sauce and because of one he was the other. Just because he isn’t drowning in alcohol doesn’t mean pride isn’t having the same effect. We spend quite a bit of time going into this idea on the podcast because we know that Cpn Lance’s behavior has been frustrating to a lot of fans. Sometimes it takes a well conceived episode, like this one, to look passed the annoyances of his character and really see what the core problem is.

Many interesting developments on this episode of Arrow, though.

  • With Ray’s nano technology, there is presumably a window into him truly becoming the Atom! Do you have any theories as to what the connection might be, or how the technology Ray used to heal himself might turn against him?
  • Will Oliver resume being the Arrow in spite of Roy turning himself in? If not, when (if ever) will Oliver return to his vital role as the city’s protector?
  • Team up! Come on, we were all thinking it… When will Oliver and Ray team up?
  • OLICITY. She didn’t say it back (and it wasn’t because AT&T dropped the call). Does this mean Olicity fans have a right to hope?
  • We got the answer to the woman who looks like Shado. It’s her sister! Mei. Interesting that it was Mei who told Oliver how freeing the truth can be. We wonder why it didn’t stick…

We have launched a patreon campaign! If you are unfamiliar with the concept, a Patreon campaign is a way for a Creator (i.e. Arrow Squad) to seek financial support from Patrons (i.e. YOU) as a means to do MORE. We love doing what we do, and we love doing it for YOU. Patreon is a way for you to show your support for us and, in the meantime, get more out of what we do for you. As an example, over the summer months we would like to continue to provide you consistent, relevant, and entertaining content, but due to time constraints and the general busyness of summer, we cannot guarantee consistency. Having the financial support to bridge the gap between time and resources, however, would make this possible.

Check out our milestones and rewards by going to our patreon page!

Next week is a bye-week for Arrow, but we still want to hear from you! What shall we cover in the bye-week? If you have suggestions, please hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or send us a message using our feedback page. This is also how you get us your crazy and awesome conspiracy theories. Please respond to anything you heard on the podcast, or anything else that comes to mind, because we FEED off of the stuff you send us! If we get enough feedback, we may just spend a whole episode talking about your crazy, crack-pot theories!

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