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Thank you for joining us in this 47th installment of Arrow Squad! We’re covering Arrow season 3 episode 17 entitled “Suicidal Tendencies”, which originally aired on March 25, 2015. As far as appropriately titled episodes go, this one seems to take the prize. Most of our beloved (and not so beloved) characters revealed an innate reaction to protect those around them, in turn putting themselves in danger. But sacrificing oneself is one thing. It is another to intentionally put oneself in harms way in the hope that this final act will be the end of the line.

And that may be what ultimately draws the line between Floyd “Deadshot” Lawton’s sacrifice and Ray “A.T.O.M.” Palmer’s mission. Here are men who, in their own rights, take huge risks despite knowing the dire consequences. Deadshot intentionally went to the roof, knowing that there was no way down, and yet acknowledging there was no way for the rest of his team and the hostages to escape without him clearing a path. Palmer, on the other hand, took the law into his own hands, choosing to go after the Arrow himself knowing how (allegedly) dangerous the Arrow is and how dangerous his suit is, but being absolutely convinced that Oliver Queen is a danger to the city.

Question of the Week!
When do you expect the ATOM and the Arrow will team up?

Thoughts on the ATOM’s vendetta
The action, the CGI, and the overarching story was engaging and interesting. The problem I had was in the details.

Ray Palmer, we found out this week, has an I.Q. of 140 (i.e. “gifted”). He’s a smart dude. I don’t have a problem with Ray quickly discovering the Arrow’s identity, but I don’t understand how he so quickly abandons official justice in lieu of justice at his own hands. Leaving the precinct, when Laurel stonewalled him, says (basically) that he’ll just do it another way.

This “other way” he’s talking about? Going after the Arrow in his supersuit. Now, I understand that his intention is, likely, to maim the Arrow, not kill him. But with an I.Q. of 140, he should know that his suit has the potential to do more than maim. And this is where I really like how Oliver stood up to Felicity’s fantasy mentality, because Oliver is right – Palmer just doesn’t know what it’s like to be in the thick of it, how things can go so wrong, and what he’s really up against. His suit, just like Oliver’s bow, has the potential to kill. He hopes to use it in such a way that death will not be the end result of his victims, but can he absolutely guarantee that? Can any law enforcement official absolutely guarantee that? The logic he takes in going after the Arrow makes no sense to me. He has a suit, he wants to protect the city, and he takes the apprehension of the Arrow as his first mission.

Now he sees why Oliver has taken to the extremes he has.

That being said, I did like that Ray went all half-cocked on Roy and Oliver and that Oliver disabled his suit. He doesn’t have full control of that suit yet, he hasn’t stretched it and gotten to know it. Oliver spent 5 years with a bow and arrow, fighting ARGUS agents and crazy island prisoners. Ray had to see what he was getting into, and I’m glad Oliver did it graciously. He might rub it in later, of course.

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