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Have you ever been given an offer you can’t refuse? Did it involve becoming the most handsome Demon’s Head of an elite league of assassins?

Didn’t think so.

Season 3 Episode 16 of Arrow entitled “The Offer” picked up right where episode 15 left off – with Ra’s Al Ghul asking Oliver to take his place. We discussed on the podcast how similar this scenario is to the tale on Princess Bride, in which Westley becomes the Dread Pirate Roberts in a long line of successors. It’s interesting to consider the parallel between Ra’s Al Ghul commanding the League of Assassins versus the Pirate Roberts commanding a fleet of pirates, because the same undoubtedly holds true; to an extent, an image must be maintained, and yet to another extent, the missions and objectives invariably change simply due to leadership. As Ra’s Al Ghul, Oliver would have tremendous power. But can that power actually be wielded to Oliver’s will, or does that power have a will of it’s own?

The Offer, overall, seemed to generate positive reactions, by both your hosts on Arrow Squad and the Arrow Squad community at large. The pace was much more steady, a lot of details were revealed, and the fight scenes were top notch. We discuss the Felicity/Oliver/Ray triangle, Captain Lance’s inability to forgive his daughter, Ra’s Al Ghul’s objectives in “offering” Oliver a job, and finally get around to examining the flashbacks and the big reveal at the end!

If you’re looking for the Aisha Tyler interview with Stephen Amell, or the Arrow cast at Paley Fest, please see the links below:
The Arrow team at Paley Fest
Girl on Guy Episode 53: Aisha Tyler interviews Stephen Amell

Question of the Week
At the end of the episode, Oliver runs into a woman whom he recognizes as Shado while taking care of Akio in Hong Kong. Is this woman really Shado? If not, who else could she be? A ghost? A doppleganger? A robot? Hit us up in the comments, or send us some feedback, with your wild theories!

As always, there are many easy ways to get ahold of us. A great deal of conversation is always going on in our Facebook group (links are below the featured image on the page of this post). Questions are always welcome and there are a ton of eager fans waiting to engage about the show.

To have your feedback featured on the show, please use our Feedback page. On this page you can record a SpeakPipe message, upload and audio file, or write us up an email. Whether you want to comment on something that happened in the episode or a conversation we had on the podcast, we’re always looking for new ways to engage and learn from our listeners.

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