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Bad News: One more week until a new episode of Arrow.

Good News: We get to spend the interim talking about DragonCon, Podcast Awards, Patreon, and Arrow news.

We could probably spend several podcasts talking about the incredibly large fan convention held annually in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend, but we want to wet your whistle! All three hosts are attending and want to get others on board as well. We are well aware that many of our listeners and community members already attend on a regular basis, so if you have additional comments about attending DragonCon, please post them in our Facebook group or in the comments section of this post.

If you have additional questions about attending, please seek out these resources: DragonCon website, Podcast Overlord’s mini DragonCon podcast, and the DragonCon Newbies Facebook group.

I (Miss Ice) attended DragonCon two years ago. If you want to see what my experience was like, please visit the post on my personal blog.

Podcast Awards
We have been nominated in the Best Produced category of the 2015 Podcast Awards! We take a moment to give another reminder that voting is open through 11:59 PM Eastern time on March 24 (2015). You can vote 1x/email address every 24 hours. If you deem us worthy, we would be honored by your vote!

Please also consider voting for our sister podcasts: [General] Stuff I Learned Yesterday and [Entertainment] The Blacklist Exposed.

Arrow Squad is getting its very own Patreon! We are excited to present our awesome community with ways to get more involved and bring more content and quality to the podcast. More information is coming soon!

As always, we’d love to heard what you’ve got to say. To send in thoughts, theories or commentary about a recent episode of Arrow, please visit our wonderfully easy Feedback page. We record on Thursday evenings following a new Arrow episode, so if you want to have your feedback included immediately, please be sure to get it in by then!

We are strong, we are many. We are the Arrow Squad.
– Miss Ice

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