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Even though Arrow is taking a break this week, Arrow Squad is not! The Shadow, Podcast Overlord and Miss Ice bring you this special installment to elaborate on the incredible honor of being nominated for, and becoming a finalist in, the People’s Choice Podcast Awards! We were selected as a finalist in the Best Produced category and are going up against some fantastic podcasts.

But Podcast Awards are all about community, because in order to win this nomination, we need people to vote for us. And that is where you come in.

Voting is simple:
1) Go to this website
2) Select ARROW SQUAD in the “Best Produced” Category (if you want to know who else to vote for or check out, please listen to the podcast!)
3) Submit your vote
4) Repeat every 24 hours through March 24!
5) Optional: repeat steps 1 – 4 for each email address you have

A win in the Best Produced category would do a number of things. First and foremost, it would demonstrate the enormity of Arrow’s fan base and the incredibly passionate people who support the show. Second, it gives Arrow Squad, the podcast, exposure to bring in a lot more people to the community. And third, we’ll be able to approach actors’ and producers’ agents, asking for interviews, and be able to say: “We are a People’s Choice for Best Produced podcast! Can you loan us Stephen Amell for an hour?”

Now wouldn’t that be awesome?

Thank you so, so much for getting us to this stage of the awards. We are floored by the support and eagerly await the opportunity to repay the favor. Whatever happens, we are strong, we are many, we are the Arrow Squad!

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