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In this edition of Arrow Squad, The Mighty Tritan Alliance discusses season 3 episode 15 of Arrow entitled “Nanda Parbat.” We also continue to fight over what to call our new hosting trio. As a semi-frequent guest host, I, Miss Ice, have officially been inducted as an Arrow Squad host! It is very exciting and such a great honor and privilege to discuss Arrow week-to-week with Brian (The Shadow) and Kevin (Podcast Overlord).

nyssaNanda Parbat is currently my least favorite episode of the season. Unlike a lot of shows, qualifying my “least favorite” of Arrow is like settling for regular M&Ms instead of Peanut Butter M&Ms. It’s still delicious, just not exactly what I love. It felt very slow and uneventful, and very much like the characters were rehashing the same things that have been going on for a couple weeks now.

For example:
1) Laurel going after Malcolm alone. Stupid, yes. Doesn’t she remember how she almost died at the hands of John Abruzzi Count Vertigo?
2) Felicity’s breathy disapproval of Oliver’s extracurricular activities. When will she start to see the big picture?
3) Will someone remind Laurel about the time when Sara snuck off on a vacation with Oliver… and she thought they were both dead for five years? Is she angrier at Oliver now, really?
4) Oliver lying to everyone, Thea becoming his foil.

The only people taking Ra’s threats seriously right now are Oliver and Malcolm. And maybe Dig. Everyone else is focused on the less immediate (though significant, nonetheless) factors: Malcolm’s orchestrating Sara’s death, Oliver wanting to save Thea’s soul, Oliver insisting that he needs to go after Ra’s. I’m not saying that these aren’t significant things to be worried about, and maybe even I’m misinterpreting the real threat from Ra’s, but do Laurel, Roy and Felicity not understand that there will be no rest for Oliver until the Ra’s situation is resolved? I think for a lot of them it’s easier to be angry at Oliver’s choices and try to stay out of them, than agree with him and send him to his death. But my goodness, after all that Oliver has done for all of them, they are treating him and supporting him like crap.

That all being said… I was particularly fond of Brandon Routh’s scenes! Not so much that Felicity was part of them, if you get my drift. But dang, that ATOM costume was STELLAR. Did it remind anyone else of the Iron Man outfit? It was like a cross between Robocop and Iron Man. I wonder how long it took to get Routh into it. (Probably not as long as it took Felicity to get him out of it! Oooooh, yeah. I went there.)

Question of the Week!
What will the result of Thea releasing Nyssa be? Let the conspiracy theories begin!

We record the podcast on Thursday evenings. We know this is a narrow window to submit feedback between when the episode airs on Wednesday nights, but we just love feedback! Don’t be concerned about timeliness, if you have something you want to respond to that occurred in an episode, send it on! You can get in touch with us by using our Feedback form, in which you can type an email, upload an audio file, or record a voicemail. Follow us on Twitter and join our INCREDIBLY awesome Facebook group (links above).

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