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The Shadow might be traveling, but Podcast Overlord and Miss Ice have got you covered! In this week’s installment of Arrow Squad, we dive into episode 12 of season 3 entitled, “Uprising.” What does a city do when the Blues have left and the Green Guy is nowhere to be found? Band together! Pick up your pitchforks and 2-by-4s! Put on your best scowl! A handful of pebbles and a sling worked for David, after all, when he faced Goliath.

Uprising was an interesting diversion from previous weeks. Podcast Overlord and I, Miss Ice, talk a lot about how the forays into Malcolm Merlyn’s past really helped to humanize him and show the progression of who he was 21 years before his wife was murdered to the man he became as a result of the choices he made. He became the person he thought he needed to be in order to protect the people he cared about most, but seemed to lose himself in the process.

In comparison to the help he’s given Thea in the last several months and the woman he has helped her become, it is interesting to see him confront her resistance to his insistence that it is a kill or be-killed world. He insists that he is a killer, as much as she pretends to think otherwise. But with Malcolm’s training, Thea has gotten a lot smarter. Awareness of one’s surroundings naturally brings with it a greater wisdom because we are forced to analyze and deal with the things right in front of us. Thea does not deny that Malcolm is a killer, but she does recognize that there is a selfless bone in his body, it was the one he used to make her a priority that night of the Mirakuru Soldier Massacre. Together, Team Queen subdues Al Sa-her!

Now that Oliver has asked Malcolm to help him train so that he might defeat Ra’s once and for all, perhaps it will be Thea who changes the minds of certain Team Arrow members who are less enthused about Oliver’s choice. She certainly seemed to change Roy’s mind.

Speaking of Felicity, how about that final speech she laid on Oliver?

Our question of the week is:
What will the impact of Felicity’s speech be on Oliver?

There are a lot of ways her speech could take him. Is he going to reevaluate his decision to team up with Merlyn? Will she realize that he has his hands tied? Is this a problem without a solution? Send in your thoughts and opinions about this, or anything else, by visiting our Feedback page!

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