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Many theories are circulating around the social media sphere as to how Oliver is recovering from death so quickly… we have the solution: he’s a cylon. He was near a Resurrection Ship when he fell to his mostly-death.

Or maybe it was the snow and cold and will to live thing. Either way, we are thrilled that Oliver is recovering and wanting to head back to Starling City to be with Felicity to help out with the Brick situation.

This week on Arrow Squad, The Shadow is joined by Miss Ice! Who, incidentally, was also near a resurrection ship when she was shot on Central City Underground. The Shadow and Miss Ice discuss Arrow Season 3 Episode 11 “Midnight City” and examine how our intrepid heroes are doing without a certain hooded leader.

A lot is covered in this episode:

  • Roy’s quickly evolving levels of maturity
  • Laurel fighting against the nay-sayers as she dons the Black Canary getup
  • Who is Felicity in love with, anyhow?
  • Ray Palmer: do we like him and where his character is headed?
  • There’s no “I” in team! (There’s no “we” in it either, for argument’s sake.) The team does a 180 in this week’s episode, painting a great picture about what it means to fight for the people who are still living, instead of only those who have passed on.

Our question of the week is:

When Oliver returns, will he be welcomed back into the position of leadership?

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