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It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

The secret origin of Felicity Smoak has been laid bare! Miss Ice joins The Shadow in this installment of Arrow Squad to help break down Felicity’s murky past, from Mama issues to old lovers. While Thea digs into Merlyn’s fortune and causes some tension with her big bro, Laurel continues to deal with hiding the truth of Sara from her father, which manifests itself in some pretty erratic behavior. Captain Lance voices what we all might’ve been wondering ourselves (if we didn’t know the truth): Have you been boozin’ it up again?

This episode didn’t do much to advance the season’s plot, but it was so cool to get a peek into the past of one of the show’s main characters. What do you think, was the goth look a bit heavy in the stereotype, or did it make sense?

And how about that last scene! Boy, oh boy. No wonder Roy hasn’t been sleeping well. There are a couple layers to this sequence, right? 1) Is he dreaming of a memory? 2) Is it a fake memory someone implanted in him? 3) Was the memory erased? (and if so, why?!) 4) Did he kill Sara by his own free will? SO MANY QUESTIONS! We would SO appreciate you chiming in on this, either in the comments below or by sending feedback into the show. We record every Thursday, after a new episode, so send us your thoughts and theories by 8pm Eastern time on Thursdays!

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