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Are you afraid of ghosts? Are you afraid of THREE ghosts? Arrow Squad is back at the summer rewatch covering another four episodes from the early-to-mid-late point of the first half of season 2. At first we look at the episodes thinking that there was not much in the way of story development for season three, but as we take a closer look we see how important some of these early episodes are in terms of character development and stretching each of the characters in their personal lives.

The Shadow and Demkolitioner have touched on in the past how painful it has been to watch Laurel spiral downhill this season, and in this installment of Arrow Squad, The Shadow and Miss Ice really dive into where Laurel is at this stage in her story and how the people in her life are orbiting around here. We ask the question: is this the right point for Oliver to tell Sarah to come home? What are your thoughts on Oliver choosing to call Sarah at this stage in the game? We want to hear from you!

We also touch on the new promo The CW has released for the upcoming season of Arrow. You can find that by clicking here. (Warning: There are quite a few details revealed!) What about this trailer gets you the most excited?

As of the date this episode of Arrow Squad is released, Arrow Season 1 has been available on DVD and Bluray for a significantly reduced price, $17 and $28 respectively. Hurry!

Look for a special edition of Arrow Squad to come out real soon featuring unique and exciting content from our very own Podcast Overlord!

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