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We are 7 weeks from the season premiere of Arrow, Season 3!  We’re continuing with the Season 2 re-watch and Season 3 news updates as we prepare for the launch of Season 3.

The Podcast Overlord is at DragonCon this week preparing to regale us with updates and incredible fun the next time he joins us on the Arrow Squad.

THIS WEEK, The Shadow is joined by The Demkolitioner, once again! We’re chatting about Season 2, Episodes 5-8.  This really has been a blast going back through and re-watching Seasons 1 and 2.  Hope you’ve enjoyed it as well!

We also discuss quite a bit of Season 3 news and speculations! Enjoy!


Here’s what we talked about!

  • SPOILER WARNING! If you haven’t seen all of Arrow, we recommend you take caution! No episode is off limits in our discussion.
  • Season 2, Episodes 5-8
  • Season 3 News
  • NEXT Week – Podcast Overlord returns with DragonCon recaps!
  • Comics to start with:

Green Arrow:

  1. Green Arrow: Year One
  2. Green Arrow – New 52 – Book 4

The Flash:

  1. Flashpoint Paradox
  2. Flash New 52 – Book 1


  • Justice League New 52 – Book 1

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