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Hey Arrow Squad! We have a treat for you in this special summer edition. Shadow and Podcast Overlord wrapped up the season 1 rewatch last week and as a segue into season 2, Shadow and Miss Ice had the honor of getting a chunk of Greg Weisman’s time to talk about some fun projects brewing in his world. Many of you may recognize the name from Young Justice or Gargoyles or Spectacular Spider-Man, or from his involvement in the upcoming Star Wars Rebels. Needless to say, Weisman is a staple in the DC universe and we had a blast talking with him. Read more…

We spend a good chunk of time talking about the differences between writing novels and writing for animated series, some of the challenges he’s faced, and ways he’s been stretched creatively. Right now Weisman has two novels available of a 9 book series. As mentioned in the episode, you can purchase these books on Amazon! The first installment, Rain of the Ghosts, was published in December of 2014. The second installment, Spirits of Ash and Foam, was published back at the beginning of July. We’re excited to read these books ourselves and discuss with Weisman at a later date!

More topics of conversation include who Weisman’s favorite DC character is, how he got his start in the business, what have been his most rewarding projects, and, the question we’ve all been turning over in our heads, why was Young Justice cancelled? The answer MAY surprise you! It surprised us.

The Green Arrow short he spoke of can be found on Superman/Batman: Apocalypse or you can watch it here!

Stay up to date with Greg! Follow him on Twitter, @greg_weisman, or explore his vast archive of fan interactions at

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