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Major development in these episodes of Arrow, Season 1.  We first hear about The Undertaking, Felicity is brought in to Team Arrow, Oliver reveals his identity to Tommy, Dinah Lance shows up and says Sara is alive, Roy Harper first appears, Shado is introduced, and Merlyn first mentions the man that helped him get his life together… and help Starling City…

WOW… 4 episodes of jam-packed development! If you’re watching Arrow for the first time with us, this development is HUGE and plays a major role from here on out!

The Demkolitioner Returns!

Thanks, again, to The Demkolitioner for stepping in as a returning guest co-host on this episode!

Arrow Squad’s “Undertaking”

During our summer edition of The Arrow Squad, The Shadow and The Podcast Overlord decided to go back through Seasons 1 and 2 looking at the episodes through the lens of having already seen Seasons 1 and 2 and knowing what already happens. It’s been absolutely fascinating to go back through Season 1 knowing what we know about the end of Season 2.

This week, The Shadow and The Demkolitioner are chattin’ about episodes 13 through 16 of Season 1 of Arrow.

Here’s what we talked about

  • Our thoughts and observations on episodes 13-16 of Season 1 – AMAZING stuff to talk about!
  • Feedback from the Arrow Squad
  • Official announcement of Central City Underground – The Flash Podcast with The Shadow and Miss Ice
  • SPOILER WARNING if you’re watching Arrow Season 1 for the FIRST TIME.
  • Golden Spiral Media’s shows!!
  • Season 3 news and updates on our Arrow Squad Facebook Group! Love to have you join! CLICK HERE to go to the FB Group!

Keep in contact with us this week and let us know what you thought of episodes 13-16 now that you’ve seen through season 2. We always love to hear any new thoughts you have!

Coming Up Next Week

We’ll be talking about Arrow Season 1, Episodes 13-17 of Arrow! We’ll also keep you updated on latest Season 3 news as well as Flash news as we receive it! AND… we’ll have another guest co-host with us next week! :) It’ll be FUN!

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