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“You have failed this city!”

It was nice to hear that again, wasn’t it?

Podcast Overlord was out inspecting the S.T.A.R. Labs and we, therefore, have a special guest co-host today. She goes by… “Miss Ice.”

Even though The Podcast Overlord wasn’t present, his contribution to this episode was alerting us to the fact that TODAY the CW announced season premiere dates for the Fall shows! Once again, we have to wait until OCTOBER for the next season of Arrow. October 8th, to be exact. Arrow will be premiering at 8/7C on October 8th, followed by an encore of THE FLASH so there is NO excuse not to tune in for the DC superhero madness!

The Shadow and Miss Ice take over this episode and bring you the following:

1) Shout out to Golden Spiral Media and new shows!!

2) Arrow Squad was listed in iTunes New and Noteworthy thanks to YOU, Arrow Squad!!!! SO EXCITING!!!! CONGRATULATIONS TEAM!!!!

3) The general idea behind going back through Arrow Season 1, episodes 1-4 and looking at it through the lens of having seen both Seasons 1 and 2. SPOILER WARNING if you’re watching Arrow Season 1 for the FIRST TIME.

4) The actual take on Season 1, episodes 1-4. The Shadow and Miss Ice discuss some interesting thoughts on these four episodes.

What Arrow Squad episode would be complete without the AMAZING community? Special thanks to WonderJenn, XForce11, SuperTim, and Barb (superhero name coming) for some great feedback!! Thank you SO much!

Keep in contact with us this week and let us know what you thought of episodes 1-4 now that you’ve seen through season 2. Love to hear any new discoveries you made!


We’ll be discussing Season 1, Episodes 5-8 of Arrow! We’ll also keep you updated on latest Season 3 news as well as Flash news as we receive it!

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