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Martin Donison

Martin Donison

Arrow Squad host, The Flash, superhero


Cammien Ray

Cammien Ray

Arrow Squad host, the Chameleon, possible supervillainess


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AS 164 – S07E19 – Spartan

AS 164 – S07E19 – Spartan

Cammien Ray and Martin the Flash chat about legacies and heroism in this week’s Diggle-centric episode of Arrow! Reveals and information a loooong time coming finally is revealed as we learn not just where Diggle has come from, but where he and his family will end up.

AS 161 – S07E16 – Star City 2040

AS 161 – S07E16 – Star City 2040

Cammien Ray and Martin the Flash dive into the future with the rest of Team Arrow, in this week’s all-flashforward episode. Bombs are armed and disarmed, masquerades are thrown, and we see the birth of the Queen heir – and what she becomes. Join us as we chat about what happens to Star City in 2040.

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