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AS 109 – S5E13 – Spectre Of A Gun

AS 109 – S5E13 – Spectre Of A Gun

After a public attack on the Star City mayor’s office, Team Arrow comes together to tackle the issue of gun violence in the city, and Oliver must work as mayor and as the Green Arrow to bring the city together and stop the gunman. Meanwhile, through flashbacks, we see how Wild Dog became the hero he is today, while in present day he works with Curtis, Felicity, and the rest of the team to bring the shooter to justice. This episode also brings us Thea and Lance working together to bring stability back to the mayor’s office, and Diggle working with Dinah to find her a more permanent place in the city and within the team. Read More…

AS 108 – S5E12 – Bratva

AS 108 – S5E12 – Bratva

Team Arrow reunites with Diggle and heads off on a mission to Russia where they find Anatoli waiting in present day, among other issues that only Starling City’s sister city can bring. Back home, Detective Lance and Rene (Wild Dog) team up to prepare for an important post-rehab interview with reporter Susan. In the flashbacks, Talia al Ghul begins training Oliver to be “something else.” Read More…

AS 106 – S5E10 – Who Are You?

AS 106 – S5E10 – Who Are You?

We are back from the LONG holiday break and wow did we get a lot in this episode! Laurel is back…kind of, Curtis has a bit of a revelation, looks like more badass female characters are coming into the story and Felicity got to be a key part of the action as well!

AS 105 – Podcast Overlord’s Final Episode

AS 105 – Podcast Overlord’s Final Episode

Arrow is back next week and we have some big news, unfortunately not all of it is good, to share. Podcast Overlord is stepping down and Martin (aka The Flash) is stepping up. Tune in to hear all the details.

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