Almost Human episode 10 entitled, “Perception” aired on February 10, 2014 and here are my initial thoughts on this Almost Human episode. This was the fourth episode produced, but the tenth episode aired.  Although I felt like the Kennex/Dorian relationship showed a few signs of being in its younger stages, I believe this episode belonged in the tenth spot.  Because it followed last weeks episode that gave us a story that tied in to the Pilot, this episode came in a good spot.  I think that had this episode, and the revelation that John’s home has been bugged, been aired in the fourth spot, then I would have been very frustrated by now that we were still waiting to get back to that storyline.  I also found the information about Valerie being a Chome was helpful.  While we already knew that she had been genetically modified, this episode helped clarify some of the modifications that have been done to her.  Lastly, I like the way this show continues to give out Blade Runner vibes, and the interview that Internal Affairs had with John at the end of the episode gave me vibes of the Voight-Kampff test that Deckard gives to replicants in Blade Runner.  My question this week is, “Who has been listening in on Kennex?”

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