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11.22.63 Book Review Part Two

We continue down the rabbit hole in this second part of our 11.22.63 book review as we explore the questions around life, love, but most of all purpose and duty. Yes kids I said duty because our hero Jake Epping, played by James Franco, has a bunch of roles he plays in the second half of Stephen King’s novel starting off as you guessed it, a teacher. The past indeed Harmonizes.

In the town of Jodie Texas, Jake has a significant influence on not only his students but the people he works with making friends with a man by the name of Deke Simmons, the school principal at the time and a woman by the name of Sadie Dunning. Sadie used to be Sadie Clayton but has left her husband John, in the hopes of starting a new life. Jake and Sadie meet in a most interesting way that you know will only harmonize at the end of this tale.

Jake also moves into “Operation Oswald” mode as he moves to Fort Worth to spy on Lee Harvey Oswald and his wife. He needs to determine by April 10th of 1963 if Oswald acted alone in the attempted assassination of General Walker. If so Jake can take out Oswald anytime thereafter according to our guardian angel Al Templeton. The past though remember is obdurate. John Clayton returns to ruin Sadie and her lover on that day of April 10th causing Jake to remain in the past all the way to the very moment of the shooting on 11.22.63

This book review does stop before the final moments of the book but if you must know how it ends stick around after the closing music as we provide you with a coda of our own in true Stephen King Fashion. It is a wild ending that may or may not play out the same way on television, but if you want to know before the show begins and don’t have time to read the book, we have you covered as we conclude our 11.22.63 book review.

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Thanks for listening! We’ll talk to you soon. Remember the past is obdurate, and life turns on a dime.


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