In episode 12 of Almost Human Podcast we break down the 9th episode of Almost Human, “Unbound.”Featuring John Larroquette as Dr. Nigel Vaughn and Gina Carano as the XRN, Danica, “Unbound” gave us a lot of the deeper story lines and recurring plots that we’ve craved.  We got our first real clear images of “The Wall” and we now get to theorize on why it’s there and what’s on the other side of it.  We also got more insight into why the DRNs were decommissioned, even learning that some of them committed suicide. We also learned why the robot head from the series pilot was so important as it revealed the rampage-prone XRN model.

This episode also gave us some great dialogue about the synthetic soul and what separates it from knowledge of DNA and genetics.  We thought the fight scene between Dorian, John, and Danica was very well choreographed, and we counted at least 3 shout-outs to Fringe.

In our Technology of Tomorrow segment Clint tells how Zettaflops compare to Gigaflops, shares an interesting article about how robots may experience feelings, and tells us about a scientific paper written about robot emotion.

Here’s the link to the article, How Robots May Experience Feelings.

Here’s the link to the scientific paper, “Robot Emotion: A Functional Perspective” by Cynthia Breazeal and Rodney Brooks.

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