In episode 11 of Almost Human Podcast we give our full review of the 8th episode of Almost Human entitled, “You Are Here.”  This episode was originally produced as the 2nd episode of Almost Human and we discuss the various points that seemed out of place because of the shifted placement of the episode.  We also discuss whether or not each of those items had a positive or negative impact, and it’s no surprise that our opinions varied on these conclusions.  We talk about the various uses of technology in the episode, the use of graphics and music, and whether or not the magic bullet is all that futuristic.

In our feedback segment we also hear some opinions about this order being shown out of order, and how many of us might need to change the way we view the show in order to give it a fair shake.

Here’s the image if the wall that Mark mentions in his feedback.  Comment below on whether or not you believe this is the wall, or just a building.


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