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Golden Spiral Media is a company focused on providing high quality, entertaining and intelligent media productions. We began podcasting about the TV show Fringe in 2008 and formed Golden Spiral Media, LLC in 2011. Golden Spiral Media produces The Revolution Podcast, Almost Human Podcast, We Have To Go Back Podcast, The Fringe Podcast, Triplecast, Cutting the Cable Podcast, dadhacker Podcast, and Portable Orchard Podcast. The Fringe Podcast was the 2010 winner of The People’s Choice Best Entertainment Podcast and a finalist in the Entertainment and Best Produced categories in 2011 and 2012.

In 2013 Darrell left his career of nearly 19 years and Golden Spiral Media is now full-time job.  Along with this move, Golden Spiral Media added new services.  We now offer audio production, video production, podcast consulting, equipment recommendations and training, custom music production, artwork design, and website design.  Check out our Production Services page for more info.

About Our Team

Darrell Darnell Golden Spiral Media

Darrell Darnell

Owner, Co-Founder, Host of The Stranger Things Podcast, We Still Believe, Stuff I Learned Yesterday, Person of Interest Podcast, Gracepoint Podcast, Berserker Cast, We Have to Go Back, The Fringe Podcast, The Revolution Podcast, Almost Human Podcast
Darrell married his wife Kari in 1999 and has been blessed with two beautiful, bright, and fun kids. In 2013 he left his career of 19 years to focus fully on Golden Spiral Media podcasts and clients.  
 He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology which makes him a certified geek. His favorite TV show of all time is The Twilight Zone with Lost and Fringe rounding out the top three. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar, spending time with his family and writing up silly bios so he can refer to himself in the third person.

Aaron Peterson

Host of The Blacklist: Exposed and Beyond Westworld, Presenting Hitchcock
A film critic for over a decade, Aaron has long enjoyed discussing film & television of any genre with fellow fans. In 2010, Aaron decided to venture into the world of podcasting and has been sucked into its vortex ever since. He formed The Hollywood Outsider podcast, which for several years has discussed varying film and TV topics on a weekly basis. He also was the host of the popular 24 Live Another Podcast, as well as a featured host of TV Talk’s Sleepy Hollow. In his new venture Aaron also produces Remake This Movie Right, a podcast that takes movies that have a remake in the works but crafts the story the way they want to see it happen. In his free time, and whenever he is not watching talking pictures, Aaron is a married father of 2 amazing children, as well as an avid football and backpacking fan.

Adam Drake

Host of The Star Trek Discovery Podcast
Adam is an unabashed sci-fi nerd, having grown up on a steady diet of Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, Lego, and Nintendo. He’s also into obstacle course racing, and even combined the two in 2015 when he ran a Tough Mudder event in a Stormtrooper Halloween costume! “I can’t see a thing in this helmet!” He is an avid convention attendee, making pilgrimages to Star Wars Celebration, Dragon Con, and Comic Con. His love of Star Trek was rekindled once all the series hit Netflix; so much so that he’s taken his fandom to the GSM airwaves with a podcast in anticipation of the latest series, Star Trek: Discovery.

Addi Darnell

Host of The Stranger Things Podcast
At age 14, Addi loves singing, shopping, photography, and traveling. She loves writing songs and scripts for movies and shows she probably won’t ever produce. She loves playing video games too. When she grows up she wants to be a singer/actress or maybe a photographer/world traveler but if all else fails, she would enjoy being a teacher.

Barb Rankin

Barb Rankin

Host of Witness Prophecies, Radio Static, Stuff I Learned Yesterday
Barb is originally from hot and humid Miami, and now lives in hot and dry Phoenix. She began her love affair with horror, science fiction, and fantasy at the tender age of 5 while watching the weekly installment of Worlds Beyond, which featured B-movies such as Mothra and Creature from the Black Lagoon. She saw the original Star Trek TV series and was hooked. She has been a “frequent feedbacker” and is now making the leap to podcaster. By day, she is a finance and business geek in “Corporate America.” She enjoys photography, tracing her family’s genealogy, hiking, and gardening, and she is a diehard Miami Dolphins Dolfan.

Brian Meloche

Brian Meloche

Host of The Walking Dead Talkthrough, Star Trek: Discovery
Brian’s first sci-fi memory was being frightened by the Gorn from the original Star Trek episode “Arena.” A year or two passed before he watched again, but once he did, he was hooked, and he’s loved sci-fi ever since. He once sold a story premise to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine but you won’t see his name on screen (though he did get paid for it a little). In recent years, he’s developed a penchant for the apocalypse. If there’s a TV show about the apocalypse, chances are Brian’s watched it (or will eventually). However, above all others, Brian’s favorite is The Walking Dead. Originally from Canada, Brian lives in suburban Cleveland with his wife Julie, their dog Shorty who is more like a son than just a pet, and too many cats.

Cammie Ray

Cammien Ray

Host of Arrow Squad
Cammien Ray has been an Arrow Squad podcast host for the past season and has been talking non-stop for far longer than that. With a background in live theater and villainy, Cammie is always excited to chat about all things superhero, villain, or storytelling in general. Assorted videos, articles, liveshows, interviews, convention adventures, etc. can be found on my social media, which is, surprisingly, /CammienRay on most sites that have been around since after we all killed MySpace.

Chip Mims Golden Spiral Media

Chip Mims

Host of We Still Believe
Chip is a life-long science fiction/fantasy/comics geek who also loves great comedy and drama. And art and music. And books. And politics. Really, he likes lots of things. Plus, he sells beer (which he also loves) when he isn’t podcasting. He is passionate about sharing great art with others. When he found the online community based on the TV show Lost, he was hooked. Lost led to Fringe, and Fringe led to great friendships and podcasting. He is the co-founder and one of the hosts of Tales From the Cask, a weekly podcast about craft beer and Watching The Americans Podcast, which is dedicated to the incredible FX series The Americans.

Clint Golden Spiral Media

Clint Wichert

Co-Founder, Host of Gracepoint Podcast, The Fringe Podcast, Almost Human Podcast, dadhacker
Clint is a podcasting genus. You might say “What kind of Genius doesn’t know how to spell Genius?” But you’d be wrong.  Clint’s cunning combination of science, mumbling, and awkward silence had led the Podcast Speciation Society to create a new Genus of Podcaster:Mumbilius with the unique species Informaticus.  Clint is married to his wife Mandy, and is experimenting with fatherhood with his three test subjects , a.k.a. “his progeny.” Clint holds three degrees in sciency type stuff and regularly tricks people into believing that he knows what he is talking about at his sciency job.

Cory Metcalfe

Host of Triplecast, 12 Monkeys Uncaged, Rewatch Podcast, Presenting Hitchcock
Cory grew up in Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia and now calls Sydney his home. He’s an industry professional and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Film and Television Production. Cory has been a life-long film buff and fan of genre television; his favorite being sci-fi. Some of his favorite TV shows include SlidersSeaquest DSVStargate SG-1LostFringe,  Quantum Leap, and Battlestar Galactica. His favorite film is Clerks.

Dave Vitagliano

Dave Vitagliano

Host of Extant Podcast, The Sandbox: S.H.I.E.L.D. Podcast
Dave discovered The X-Files in 1993, and there’s been no turning back as he’s immersed himself in all things science fiction and supernatural. He also co-hosts Liber8: A Continuum Podcast with Mike and Dave and Faetalists: A Lost Girl Podcast. Before getting into podcasting, he fancied himself a bass player and favors Ernie Ball Music Man instruments even though his practice time has dwindled. In his spare time, Dave teaches high school English and journalism.

David Ward

David Ward

Host of Don’t Blink Podcast
David moved from England to America in 2002 and joined the golden spiral team in 2014. He is a lifelong Doctor Who fan although he insists he has other interests. He also had the dubious honor of naming the Doctor Who “omnirumour” in 2013. David has also presented podcasts on programs such as Hannibal and Boardwalk Empire. He lives in Baltimore with his wife and cats.

Doug Payton

Host of Remaking History, Chester’s Mill Gazette, Person of Interest Podcast
Doug currently hails from the sunny Southern US, after growing up in the northeast and midwest. He’s a software consultant on Microsoft business systems by day, but by night he puts those radio classes he took in college to work podcasting for his own political podcast, Consider This, then later for TV Talk where he was fortuitously paired with Darrell Darnell. With the closing of TV Talk, he made the transition to GSM. He enjoys sci-fi, gaming & geocaching with his kids, and (of course) politics. Find him on Twitter @dougpayton.

Emilee O'Leary Golden Spiral Media

Emilee O’Leary

Host of, Maid of Steel, Stuff I Learned Yesterday, Berserker Cast Emilee is a native of the cold, Northern tundra and has no plans to leave anytime soon. Her passion for storytelling led her to seek out others who shared in her affinity for the fantastic television show Fringe, which opened the door to amazing friendships within the Golden Spiral Media community, and eventually to novice podcasting under the wonderful tutelage of GSM’s persistent and nagging President and CEO. Though her comfort zone and passion is writing, Emilee is continually being dragged, kicking and screaming, into the Twilight Zone of podcasting. Oh, and she really likes to read, loves the Packers, and considers The Princess Bride one of her favorite movies of all time.

Geoff Gentry

Host of Gotham Undercover, Castle Rock Zone, Stuff I Learned Yesterday
Geoff, aka @xforce11, has been a Whovian since he saw his first episode of the Fourth Doctor’s run on PBS as a kid. He loves helping and serving behind the scenes with technology. That led him to a degree in communications, four years of video work for a mission’s organization, and his current job doing computer work for a school. He enjoys running computer & sound at his church and working behind the scenes for a Christian arts studio. He has been participating in a variety podcasts since season 2 of LOST. Podcasting has connected him people from all over the world including many of in the GSM family. He looks forward to connecting with you.

George Wolf

George Wolf

Host of Fright Club
George is a radio DJ and voiceover specialist who has been reviewing films in print and online for almost ten years. He operates the website with his wife Hope Madden and together they host various film events in Columbus, Ohio (Go Bucks!), including the monthly horror film series Fright Club. George is a blessed cancer survivor who volunteers for the melanoma foundation and is a big fan of sports, music, his Harley, fitness, and movies!

Hope Madden

Hope Madden

Host of Fright Club
Hope Madden is weirdly tall and wore a patch on one eye long before pirates were cool. She’s reviewed films for newspapers, magazines and websites since 2000, and though she enjoys all of it, horror is her sweetheart. She and her husband George Wolf share the website and host the monthly horror series Fright Club in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Their son is all manner of awesome, their cat is dead but not forgotten, and Hope swears that her twin sister Joy is the evil one, but secretly she wonders…

Jada Wilkerson

Jada Wilkerson

Host of Central City Underground, Don’t Blink
I’ve been in love with science fiction and fantasy forever. When I was a child I just couldn’t stop reading books and comic books and anything that had a great story to tell. My two truest fandoms are Doctor Who and the X-Men, although anything comic and sci-fi related can grab my attention at the drop of a hat. As an unrepentant nerd, I eventually found my way into desktop role-playing games. Over the years and across America and back ,I’ve developed a love for storytelling and worldbuilding. I’m currently in school for computer sciences and hope to go on to be a part of many podcasts to come.

John McGrail

John McGrail

Host of Maid of Steel, Stuff I Learned Yesterday, Triplecast
A Financial Advisor by trade, John’s degree is in Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures so he finally gets the chance to use it correctly as a podcaster! He has been a North Carolinian for his whole life and is thrilled to be married to an amazing lady and they have four pretty awesome kids. His love of all things pop culture originated in 1977 with Star Wars and has only grown since then. A self-admitted superhero junkie, he is longing for the day when his own superpowers are discovered and he has his own part in saving the world. His Golden Spiral Media claim-to-fame is winning second place in the Cutting The Cable Podcast’s Mission Impossible contest, oh, and part-time hosting of Stuff I Learned Yesterday, of course.

Julia Garlotte

Julia Garlotte

Host of Central City Underground
A lover of cats, sci-fi, nature, stories, and magical worlds, Julia spends her days (and many nights and weekends) as an actor, sound designer, and administrator in the theatre. She loves geeking out over Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Star Trek, Star Wars and so much more. In her spare time she sometimes writes songs, strums on a guitar, and makes earrings shaped like cats. This is her first adventure in podcasting, and she’s honored to join the GSM team as a co-host for the CCU, to which she has had a blast sending feedback for the last couple of seasons.

Karen Lindsay

Host of Gotham Undercover, Maid of Steel, Remaking History, Chester’s Mill Gazette
Karen is one half of Chester’s Mill Gazette, an Under the Dome Podcast.  A self-confessed nerd, avid reader, and TV addict, Karen’s Husband refers to her as “Obscurely Famous”, and for good reason. She co-hosts The Scaper Chronicles, Storming the Castle, is a contributor at both Nice Girls TV & Harlequin Junkies. Find her there or @Aleveria on twitter.

Mark Des Cotes

Host of Stuff I Learned Yesterday
Mark is proud to be the first Canadian to join the GSM family (Brian is living in Cleveland now so Mark doesn’t count him). He’s a graphic and web designer in eastern Ontario running a studio out of his home office. A self professed TVaholic; he is annoyed with the lack of good streaming content north of the border. Mark started his podcast journey as a feedback contributor to GSM’s Revolution Podcast. In 2012 with Darrell’s guidance Mark started Solo Talk Media where he hosts and produces TV fan podcasts. He recently started a new podcast at to discuss his love of graphic and web design. When not working or watching TV Mark enjoys spending time with his wife and teenage daughter (the feeling is not always mutual with his daughter). His son, the only family member who appreciates his humour (Canadian spelling), is off at University, so Mark is now getting used to his jokes being met with constant groans and eye rolls from the women in the household.

Mark Kirkman

Host of The Walking Dead Talk Through
Mark has been a fan of Horror, Sci-Fi and Comic Books since the age of 10. A frequent Sci/Fi and Horror Con attendee. He loves Music and has went to school for Audio Engineering at the Institute of Audio research and is certified. His love of The Walking Dead came when the show first came out back in 2010. He has been watching the show ever since the start. Originally Born in Staten Island NY, he now resides in Dutchess County NY with his family. Mark made the leap to Podcasting in December of 2017 and is continuing it with his views on the Walking Dead Talk Through with Brian.

Martin Donison

Host of Arrow Squad
Coming to you from the small town of Airdrie, Alberta, just north of Calgary, Martin the Flash started his podcasting journey as a frequent feedbacker to Arrow Squad and a few other podcasts back in the TV Talk days. Teaming up with another feedbacker, Jess aka Harley Quinn, they created the new podcast Tomorrow’s Legends, covering the DC show Legends of Tomorrow, and then later also teaming up with yet another villainess, Cammie, to take over as hosts of Arrow Squad here on GSM. Martin dubs himself an athletic nerd, or sporty geek, which means he equally loves sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes, and tech gear, while also staying in shape playing football, baseball, dodgeball and badminton. He also recently took up disc golf with the love of his life, Patty Spivot (no Iris in the picture for this Flash!) Martin’s favorite shows? Firefly, Spartacus, Magnum P.I., Game of Thrones, Legend of the Seeker, Last Ship and Survivor. And that’s just a few from the list! He knows it makes no sense, it’s all over the map, but loves to talk about any of them, so reach out to the speedster if you’re fast enough.

Mike Ahr

Host of Extant Podcast, The Sandbox: S.H.I.E.L.D. Podcast, 12 Monkeys Uncaged, Stuff I Learned Yesterday
Mike began podcasting in 2012 about the Syfy series, Continuum, with the Liber8 Podcast and has since done shows discussing Defiance, The Killing, NCIS, Intelligence, and Orphan Black. He also has written Continuum reviews for Syfy UK and is currently on the writing staff at Den of Geek, covering Continuum, Falling Skies, Defiance, Extant, 12 Monkeys, and Helix. Mike is a fan of all things time travel and has an extensive collection of novels and short story compilations that explore everything from causal loops to paradoxes of every flavor.

Ruthie Rink

Host of The Walking Dead Talkthrough
Like many other GSM hosts, Ruthie also has a passion for sci-fi and genre shows, books, and movies, especially if it takes place in the future. She is old enough to have actually seen Star Wars in the theater, although at the tender age of 1, she started fussing and mom had to take her out into the hall. This is probably where her lifelong love of almost all things geeky/nerdy started. And yes, you can love both Star Wars and Star Trek. She watches entirely too much TV than is really good for any one person, but every time she tries to cut back, some new and interesting show crops up. She grew up a few miles from the University of Oklahoma where she also attended college but has not stayed in one place all her life. She is still figuring out what she wants to be when she grows up. She met Darrell and Clint at the Fringe Finale Party and, after having an opportunity to guest host on The Almost Human Podcast, caught the podcasting bug.  She will also silently correct your grammar.

Steve Salyer

Steve Salyer

Host of Electric Dreams, Radio Static, Witness Prophecies
Steve’s journey to geekdom began in the early 70s listening to the Doctor Demento radio show and watching episodes of Doctor Who on PBS. A career interest survey led to an Explorer Post at a local radio/TV station in Oklahoma City and a position doing cue cards for the studios in Hollywood. Once reality set in, Steve completed a BS in Electrical Engineering and has been working in telecommunications for the past 25 years. A love for Fringe led him to the world of podcasting and a desire to talk about the shows he loves. Steve began podcasting regularly in 2013 and has covered the following shows – Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, Orphan Black, Doctor Who, Warehouse 13, Defiance, Falling Skies, Agents of SHEILD and Wayward Pines. Current hobby is traveling the world with trip to Ireland, Scotland, England & Italy.

Troy Heinritz

Host of The Blacklist Exposed, Beyond Westworld, 11.22.63: A Look Back
Hailing from the midwest, Troy is a lover of Sci-Fi, Bad Robot enthusiast, Trekkie, and overall TV Junkie. Troy once had three TIVOs to allow him to record 6 shows at once! Troy began his TV podcasting journey with the Under the Dome Radio podcast. In 2013 Troy hosted TV Talk The Blacklist and TV Talk Revenge, on the TV Talk Network. He really loves androids and robots so it should come as no surprise that he is one of the hosts bringing you all the details from Beyond Westworld this season. He is also known around the world for his exploits on The Blacklist. You can follow Troy and all his crazy theories on Twitter via @troyheinritz.

Wayne Henderson

Host of 11.22.63: A Look Back, Don’t Blink, Electric Dreams, Castle Rock Zone
Podcasting and voice acting for over ten years, Wayne is joining his long-time co-host Troy on Golden Spiral Media. Since Wayne’s love of podcasting and watching mysterious television series go together so well, he has previously podcasted about LOST, Fringe, Resurrection, Revenge, and Under The Dome. He also hosts podcasts devoted to the Green Bay Packers and to Voice-Over careers. Wayne is married, with two grown children, and four young Packers fan grandsons! And, while taking ballroom dance lessons at Arthur Murray, he was told he has “good floor craft.”

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